Music video and werk photo series

Hungarian title: Nincs bocsánat
Lyrics: Dajka Raul
Music: Raul
Mix and mastering: SmithMusix
Studio: Kinx Studio
Label: Mistral Music

Cameraman: Hőna, Dávid
Drone pilot: Szabó, Viktor
Editing and coloring: Hőna, Dávid
Werk photos: Szabó, Viktor
Hair: Váczi, Krisztián

Special thanks: Dajka, Rebeka

Software: Premiere Pro, After effects (video) Lightroom, Photoshop (photos)
Photo editing, retocuh: Wacom Digital Drawing Board

Atmosphere | 1

The shooting was several days long.
I attended one day.
The first scene I show you is a Buddha Temple.

Atmosphere | 2

The second site was a junkyard and a car wrecker. Here we got a car that was destroyed. This car was waiting to be dismantled anyway, so it will definitely be destroyed.
During the revolutions we pay attention to our surroundings, to nature.
We will protect and not encourage it.

Other werk photos

copyright © Szabó Viktor

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